5-Piece Assorted Truffle Box: Dealer’s Choice

5-Piece Assorted Truffle Box: Dealer’s Choice

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A Tasty Mix-Up of Truffle Goodness
We toyed with calling this our “You Get What We Got 5-Piece Assorted Truffle box,” but “Dealer’s Choice” has a nicer ring to it! ;-)

We are offering our scrumptious truffles in a 5-piece box of assorted flavors based on the truffle inventory we have in stock at the time. Our Dealer’s Choice truffle box is perfect for immediate gift giving. 

$13 for a five (5) piece, pre-selected assorted truffles.

Sorry, custom flavor requests cannot be accommodated.
“Why can’t I select specific truffle flavors?” Our Truffle supply tends to be unpredictable this time of year resulting in Fudge Factory having a sporadic inventory of Truffles. While we can offer 5-piece truffle boxes as a product, we cannot identify the specific truffle flavors that will be included in any given box ahead of time. However, we can guarantee that each box will contain five (5) different flavors and that they will be delicious!! ;-)

Truffles shown in photos are examples. Flavors in your 5-piece truffle box may vary.

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